Network of Experts

Our Network of Experts is made up of individuals with specialist knowledge on issues of strategic importance to Omega. Their advice and input strengthens our research and advocacy, and expand its reach and impact.

Experts join in their individual capacity and their institutional affiliation is indicated for identification purposes only. Membership of the Network does not indicate endorsement of the opinions of others.

Learn more about each of the Experts by clicking on their name:

Abi Dymond
Abi is an Associate Professor in Criminology at the University of Exeter and previously worked for a range of UK NGOs, including the Omega Research Foundation where she focused on police use of force and human rights.
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Anna Feigenbaum
Anna is a Professor at Bournemouth University where she co-directs the Centre for Science, Health, and Data Communication.
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Ara Marcen Naval
Ara is a human rights lawyer who is currently leading global advocacy for Transparency International’s Defence and Security Programme, working towards improving the governance of the defence sector, including the nexus of corruption, conflict and insecurity.
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Cillian Blake
Cillian is a Detective Sergeant in An Garda Síochána (Ireland’s national police service). He has 20 years of experience in the police and has been involved in the delivery of use-of-force training and firearms and less-lethal weapons training.
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Javier Velásquez Valenzuela
Javier is a lecturer at the Universidad de la Frontera in Chile and previously worked for the Chilean Prosecution Service, where he specialized in investigating violent offences.
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Marina Parras
Marina is a staff physician in the Emergency Department in the Infanta Sofía Hospital, Madrid, and is a Professor in emergency care and hospital emergencies at the European University of Madrid.
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Otto Adang
Otto is a behavioral scientist and chair, public order management, at the Police Academy of the Netherlands and in that capacity has done extended research on police use of force issues
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Putri Kanesia
Putri Kanesia is a lawyer and human rights activist from Indonesia. She is working as a Regional Advocacy Coordinator at Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR)
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Rafael Barreto Souza
Rafael is a lawyer and is currently Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer in the UNODC office in the Philippines, focusing on prison reform.
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Verónica Hinestroza Arenas
Verónica Hinestroza Arenas is an independent consultant and advisor with over 22 years of experience in international human rights law.
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Remembering Christof Heyns
Professor of Human Rights Law at the University of Pretoria and Director of the Institute for International and Comparative Law in Africa, Christof was a founding member of the Omega Research Foundation Network of Experts.
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