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What we do

Omega is an independent research organisation based in the UK.

We are dedicated to providing rigorous, objective, evidence-based research on the manufacture, trade in, and use of, military, security and police (MSP) technologies.  

This research has been used to develop and monitor effective trade controls and standards on the manufacture, trade, and use of MSP equipment; hold governments to account for the transfers they authorise; challenge questionable transfers of MSP equipment; educate policy makers, journalists & human rights monitors, amongst others; and provide redress for torture survivors.

Over the past few months Omega has been collating information about incidents of alleged use of force that have occurred globally in the context of coronavirus measures or protests arising from coronavirus-related concerns. To explore the cases click the image below. 

Preventing the Trade in Tools of Torture and Execution

To find out more about us, click here or watch this video.