Over more than 30 years, we’ve developed a rigorous human rights-based research methodology. We investigate and expose the global manufacture, trade, procurement, testing, and use of MSP weapons, equipment and techniques.

We collect and analyse large amounts of data from a wide range of open and commercial sources, including:

  • company-specific information, what they manufacture, any new technological developments, how they promote their products, financial details, and structure
  • industry publications and trade statistics
  • information provided directly by local human rights organisations and monitors
  • social media content, including evidence of trade and misuse of equipment
  • government information, including procurement and tendering processes, company registries, and trade data,
  • media reportage on companies, trade deals, and use of force
  • reports of cases of use and misuse of MSP weapons, equipment, and techniques
  • reports and publications by NGOs and international governmental organisations
  • international, regional, and national trade standards
  • international, regional, and national rules and guidelines on the use of force and equipment
  • images of  MSP weapons, equipment, and techniques.

This work provides us with technical expertise which we use to examine cases of MSP weapons, equipment, and techniques being used to commit human rights and international humanitarian law violations, and the supply chains that resulted in their use.
We use our research to inform partners and stakeholders including other NGOs and human rights monitors, legal professionals, journalists, and regional and international organisations. Together, we work to advocate for change and to hold companies and governments to account.

Omega’s research is part of why we are well-known and trusted, including by others who work to promote and protect human rights. We maintain an extensive database filled with company, trade, and product information and images as well as details of arms and security trade fairs, and cases of misuse of force and equipment around the world. Other human rights organisations, lawyers, and journalists regularly call on Omega’s research to inform their work.

We are committed to sharing our data and research, including through our training programme. If you would like to know more about our work and the information we hold, please get in touch.