Kinetic impact projectiles, Milipol 2018
Kinetic impact projectiles, Milipol 2018

Kinetic Impact Projectiles

Ammunition containing ‘less lethal’ projectiles (referred to as Kinetic Impact Projectiles, KIPs) can be hand-thrown or fired from a range of  launchers or shotguns. Different types of ammunition contain different numbers and types of projectiles. These projectiles can also vary in size, velocity (speed), and accuracy. This page includes information on common types of restraints, relevant reports, and resources.

KIPs can cause serious injuries if they hit a vulnerable part of the body such as the head and face. Ammunition that contains multiple KIPs can’t be aimed accurately. Since they carry an unacceptable risk of serious injury, they should never be used by police. Ammunition containing single KIPs that contain a single projectile, and which can be accurately aimed at an individual, can be used in a human-rights compliant manner.

Omega records the manufacturers of different types of ammunition, where they are used, and the injuries they inflict. Information we gather on the physical appearance of the ammunition cartridges and the KIPs themselves is frequently used by human rights defenders to identify the type of weapons used against them. We call for prohibitions on the trade and use of ammunition containing multiple KIPs as well as ammunition containing single KIPs that are so inaccurate that their use carries an unacceptable risk of injury, as well as for robust controls to be placed on the trade and use of other kinds to ensure they are not used to violate human rights.

Examples of the misuse of kinetic impact projectiles by law enforcement



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