Ammunition Containing Multiple Non-Metallic Kinetic Impact Projectiles

This type of ammunition is fired from various launchers (there are also types of hand-thrown grenade that fire multiple kinetic impact projectiles). Common calibers include 12 gauge (shotgun), 37/38 mm, 40 mm, and 56 mm. Ammunition containing multiple non-metallic projectiles significant risks due to their inaccurate and indiscriminate nature. When fired, the multiple projectiles spread out, making it difficult to control their trajectory and impact. This can result in unintended injuries to both targeted individuals and bystanders. If these projectiles strike vulnerable parts of the body, such as the head, they can lead to severe injuries. In recent years, the use of this type of ammunition has been particularly associated with very high rates of eye injuries caused by small pellets. The indiscriminate nature of this ammunition makes it unsuitable for use by law enforcement.

The manufacture, trade, and use of ammunition with multiple non-metallic kinetic impact projectiles should be prohibited.