projectile electric shock weapon
projectile electric shock weapon

Electric Shock Weapons

Electric shock weapons are designed to give an individual a short, high voltage electric shock. Two electrodes make contact with the target person, when and the weapon is activated, the target individual will receive a shock. This page includes information on common types of electric shock weapons, relevant reports, and resources.

Some types of electric shock weapons such as direct contact stun batons and body worn stun belts are designed to cause pain and are used to stop someone doing something or to extract a confession. They should never be used as they can cause severe physical injuries and psychological harm.

Projectile electric shock weapons are designed to be used from a distance to temporarily incapacitate an individual. They can be used in a human rights-compliant way by law enforcement.

Omega researches the different manufacturers of electric shock weapons and makes a record of reported incidents of use. We call for prohibitions on the trade and used of body worn and direct contact electric shock weapons and for robust controls to be placed on the trade and use of projectile electric shock weapons to ensure they are not used to violate human rights.

Examples of the misuse of electric shock weapons by law enforcement



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