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Guide on Law Enforcement Equipment Most Commonly Used in the Policing of Assemblies
This guide, developed jointly by ODIHR and Omega, seeks to share some of the technical knowledge monitors need to accurately and independently document the presence and manner of use of law enforcement equipment during public as-semblies.
Available languages: English|Russian
Guidlines for Documentation of Injuries from Policing Weapons and Equipment
Guidelines for documenting injuries from policing weapons and equipment (Brazilian Portuguese)
Available languages: Portuguese
Handbook on Handcuffs and Other Instruments of Restraint in Judicial Hearings
The original handbook in, written in Brazillian Portuguese was developed specifically for the Brazilian judiciary. We have also published a second handbook, written in English, with an international focus. Both instruments are the result of collaboration between the Omega and the Programme “Fazendo Justiça”.
Available languages: English|Portuguese
Introduction to law enforcement equipment
An introduction to different types of policing equipment (2015).
Available languages: Arabic|English|French|Spanish
Pocket guide to monitoring places of detention
A pocket guide reference to accompany the Practical Guide to Monitoring Places of Detention
Practical Guide to monitoring places of detention
A guide to help people monitoring places of detention identify and document policing weapons and equipment.
Protest toolkit – illustrated guide
This guide on monitoring protests was been developed with IRCT to help protest monitors document use of weapons and injuries.
Available languages: Bengali|English|Spanish|georgian
Protest toolkit – Reporting form
This reporting form for documenting use of weapons and injuries has been developed with IRCT to help those monitoring protests.
Available languages: Bengali|English|French|georgian|Spanish
Riot ID
Pocket guide to help protesters and protest monitors identify equipment used in the policing of protests
Riot ID – Chemical Irritants
Pocket guide for protesters and protest monitors to identify chemical irritants used in the policing of protests.
Available languages: English|Spanish
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