Gang Chain, Credit: Patrick Denker
Gang Chain, Credit: Patrick Denker

Gang Chains

A gang chain is where multiple pairs or leg cuffs, handcuffs, belly chains (chain secured around the waist), or a combination of these, are attached together on the same chain (often a metal chain is used). This construction allows for several people to be restrained together.

The use of gang chains restricts the movement of the people restrained, which can lead people to fall, resulting in injuries to themselves and the rest of the group chained together as people may be restrained in a way that leaves them unable to break their fall. Prolonged use of gang chains can also lead to lacerations, which can then cause blood poisoning and other long-term physical harm.

The practice of chaining groups of prisoners together is inherently degrading. The manufacture, trade, and use of gang chains for law enforcement should be prohibited.


Handbook on Handcuffs and Other Instruments of Restraint in Judicial Hearings
The original handbook in, written in Brazillian Portuguese was developed specifically for the Brazilian judiciary. We have also published a second handbook, written in English, with an international focus. Both instruments are the result of collaboration between the Omega and the Programme “Fazendo Justiça”.
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