Millimetre wave weapons

Millimetre wave weapons are a type of directed energy weapon, designed to heat the topmost layer of skin with a focused beam of millimetre wave energy and encourage target individals to disperse due to the sensation of heating. This weapons technology is currently under development, and has not yet been used by the military or law ennvorcement. However, vehicle-mounted models as well as models for indoor use have both been marketed.

A directed energy beam is silent and invisible, making avoidance of the weapon difficult or impossible, which could stop people from dispersing safely, and could lead to panic-driven stampedes. A long exposure to directed energy, especially one at higher power, could potentially lead to third-degree burns and potentially life-threatening injuries. The energy beam can be widened, which can result in dangerous full body exposure, the targeting of more than one person at a time, or the targeting of a crowd indiscriminately. This risk is particularly the case for larger models. Due to its indiscriminate nature and potential health effects this equipment should not be used by law enforcement.