Brazil: Technical Note on Bill 6433

A joint technical note by the Omega Research Foundation and Justiça Global, analysing Bill 6433 from a human rights perspective. Bill 6433 seeks to authorise the use of electric shock weapons against juveniles deprived of their liberty in Brazil.

In August 2017 the Committee for Public Security and Combatting Organised Crime of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies (Comissão de Segurança Pública e Combate ao Crime Organizado da Câmara dos Deputados) approved Bill 6433/16, which would permit staff in juvenile places of detention to use electric shock weapons, riot control equipment and firearms in certain situations. The bill is also due to be considered by the Committees on Social Security and the Family, and on the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship. These proposed measures are regressive in nature and would increase the vulnerability of adolescents deprived of their liberty in Brazil, as well as contravening various national and international norms and standards. Justiça Global and the Omega Research Foundation drafted this Technical Note to raise awareness of this bill and highlight its incompatibility with various international human rights treaties which have been ratified by Brazil, as well as identifying some of the risks which adolescents deprived of their liberty would be exposed to if the bill were passed.