Working together for Torture-Free Trade

04 Jan 2024

Civil society organisations from all world regions are joining the campaign for a Torture-Free Trade Treaty.

Image shows a photo of a group of people holding banners, including a large one that reads 'We demand a Torture-Free Trade Treaty: Take torture out of protest'.

Omega is a signatory to the Shoreditch Declaration for a Torture-Free Trade Treaty and a member of the Torture-Free Trade Network. As a member of the Core Group, we help to lead the Network’s work.

We are pleased that new organisations from around the world are continuing to join the Network and contribute to the campaign for a Torture-Free Trade Treaty. All organisations that are committed to this process are welcome to apply to join the Network.

Current members of the Network range from small, locally- and nationally-focused organisations to large multi-national civil society organisations. While some members work on a wide range of human rights issues, others have narrower expertise. Omega is joined by torture prevention organisations, organisations that provide rehabilitation and redress support, legal experts, medical experts, civil liberties organisations, and many more.

If your organisation would like to join us in the Torture-Free Trade Network, please fill in this form.