Volunteer Positions

The Omega Research Foundation is a small Manchester based research organisation. We provide rigorous, objective, evidence-based research on the manufacture, trade, and use of, military, security and police (MSP) equipment.  Such technologies range from small arms and light weapons to large weapon systems, policing technologies and prison equipment to equipment used for torture, amongst others.

We are looking for volunteers that have a few hours to spare each week to work in our office in Manchester - we have the following volunteer positions available.

General Office Assistants

We are looking for enthusiastic and efficient volunteers to help us in routine office tasks such as data entry and filing. We don’t expect this to suit people who are looking for a route into paid work in the Human Rights sector, but rather people who want to offer practical (and much-appreciated) support to a small human rights charity. If you’ve got some spare time, you could make a big difference to our work

If you are interested in helping in our office and can spare a few hours a week please get in touch.

Data Visualisation and Information Management Assistants

We are looking for volunteers to:

  • Organise and sort our hard copy and digital information and data on MSP equipment. This would include identifying duplicate information in our files, sourcing digital copies of printed information and carrying out small research tasks on companies.
  • Produce data visualisations on various data sets. See https://omegaresearchfoundation.org/resources/case-studies for the type of resources we produce.
  • Maintain a spreadsheet of MSP fairs around the world.

This position would suit people with an interest in the Human Rights sector and whilst it is not an internship could give valuable experience to someone with a few hours a week to spare.

Volunteers at Omega receive expenses to cover the cost of travel to our offices from within Manchester and lunch.

If you think you can help, please send your CV along with details of 2 referees to info@omegaresearchfoundation.org