Expression of Interests - Designing and developing the Omega website

Omega is seeking to overhaul our website to ensure it clearly communicates the work that we do and enables us to share our data and expertise with others.

We need a website that:
• Ideally is built on Wordpress, unless there is a compelling reason for alternative software.
• Is easy for staff to update (with appropriate training). Staff must be able to add dynamic reports like this resource directly onto the website (see this HRW report for an example); upload videos, images and reports in common formats.
• Includes a dynamic link with our social media (currently Twitter).
• Is accessible.
• Allows publication of information in different languages.
• Allows information to be pulled from our civiCRM database (exact mechanism TBC) and displayed in formats including text, maps, timelines and tables.
• Allows analysis of page visits and downloads of our documents for our impact reporting.
• Possible portal for submission of images for identification – linked to database for review.
• Possible sign up for newsletter/more information.

We are looking for a web designer and developer that can:
• Work with us in a collaborative fashion to design and develop our website.
• Has experience of publishing data and analysis in different formats.
• Can provide on-going support and assist in future development.

Deadline for submission of EOIs is 12 June 2023.

For full details please see the PDF below.