Recent news and events

Open letter to FIFA regarding the Kanjuruhan Stadium disaster

Omega and Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence (KontraS, Indonesia) have written to FIFA to express our express strong concern regarding the human rights violations by Indonesian police and military in the 2022 Kanjuruhan Stadium disaster.

We have recommended that that FIFA should take the following steps to avert such a tragedy occurring again.

  1. Recommend all affiliated associations of FIFA to incorporate Article 19 (b) of the FIFA Stadium Safety and Security Regulations into their national regulations thus prohibiting the carrying and use of firearms and ‘crowd control gas’ at all football matches.
  2. Encourage the Indonesian government to take appropriate action to provide effective remedies to victims and victims’ families.
  3. Encourage the Indonesian government to establish a fully independent fact-finding team.
  4. Review steps taken by PSSI to address safety and security issues and ensure they are adequate to prevent such a tragedy happening again.
  5. Ensure FIFA takes applicable disciplinary or punitive action against PSSI.

The full letter can be read here


UN: GGE report presented to the UN General Assembly. June 2022

On 22nd June 2022, the Chair of the UN Group of Governmental Experts (GGE), Asger Kjærum, presented the GGE's report to the UN General Assembly. The report was developed by the GGE as part of a process established in Resolution 73/304 in 2019 ("Towards torture-free trade: examining the feasibility, scope and parameters for possible common international standards"). Considering the findings of the UN Secretary-General's 2020 report, the GGE was tasked with exploring options for establishing common international standards on the trade in goods used for torture and other ill-treatment and the death penalty.

To learn more about this process, see our dedicated webpage.

After the presentation of the report by the GGE Chair, statements were delivered by representatives from Argentina, Austria, China, Egypt, the EU, France, Iran, Israel, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. Mongolia, on behalf of the 63 member states of the Alliance for Torture-Free Trade, spoke in favour of international controls on the trade in tools of torture.

More details of these presentations are available in the recording of the session, here. If you have questions about the process at the UN, please get in touch.


Mexico: Training for Federal Public Defenders on the Istanbul Protocol. June 2022

Between June 13 and 17, the Omega Research Foundation had the opportunity to run a multidisciplinary training programme for over 60 federal public defenders from all over Mexico.

The programme was developed in close cooperation with the Federal School for Judicial Training (Escuela Federal de Formación Judicial - EFFJ), the Federal Public Defender’s Office (Instituto Federal de Defensoría Pública – IFDP), its Technical Secretariat for Combatting Torture, and the General Directorate for Human Rights of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.



Arms fairs uncovered: Access the dataset. June 2022

In a joint event with Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), last week we launched a publicly-accessibly repository of our combined arms fair data.

Both Omega and CAAT collect a range of information on arms and security trade fairs – with Omega’s data collection going back over 30 years. Working in collaboration with CAAT, the raw data is now available in a repository hosted on Github. Omega has also launched a platform to search the data, or explore various different aspects of the information available, this interactive data browser is available here.

The event, which included speakers from Omega and on behalf of CAAT, also included presentations from Dr Chris Rossdale (University of Bristol) and Rachel Small (World Beyond War). The video of the event is available here, and the live-tweeted record is available here.

We are continuing to update the data, and hope that it will be useful for researchers, journalists, NGOs, human rights activists, and all others interested in exploring and challenging the global arms trade.