Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review on the UPR. October 2011.

Submission presented by Omega Research Foundation to the Periodic Review 12th Session of the Working Group concerning United Republic of Tanzania's obligations under Sections B, C and D.

In this submission, The Omega Research Foundation (Omega) provides information under Sections B, C and D as stipulated in the General Guidelines for the Preparation of Information under the Universal Periodic Review.

Section B (Backgroud of country under review, normative and institutional framework): Omega highlights the obligations imposed on the government of Tanzania to prevent torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment (CIDTP). Omega goes on-to describe the international standards laid down for the treatment of prisoners and highlights the gap between those standards and the provisions in the legislation of Tanzania.

Section C (Promotion and Protection of Human Rights on the Ground): Omega is concerned at the apparent lack of controls over the trade and deployment of specific police and security equipment, highlighting specific equipment of concern currently being marketed in Tanzania, and describes how specific equipment types are incompatible with international standards or may facilitate abuse.

Section D (Recommendations for actions by the State under Review): Omega outlines a set of recommendations based on the observations made in Sections B and C respectively.