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Omega's publications provide researchers, policy makers and the media with information, data and policy recommendations which are independent and rigorously researched using open sources.

We work with an international network of partners and associates to disseminate our findings.

Omega's research, policy expertise and images have been used in a wide variety of reports, policy briefings and campaign materials by national, regional and international organisations including Amnesty International, the UN and the European Commission.

Omega's publications - and a selection of publications we have contributed to - can be can be found below for download. If you download a resource, please link to it from your website or share with your professional network.

Please contact us ( if you have any questions about our resources.

Ending the Torture Trade: The path to global controls on the 'tools of torture'
Omega-Amnesty report released ahead of ahead of a high-level UN meeting on the ‘torture trade’
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Lowering the risk - Curtailing the use of chemical irritants during the COVID-19 pandemic
Position paper setting out the increased risk of using chemical irritants during the pandemic.
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Response to the Working Group on Mercenaries call for submissions
The evolving forms, trends and manifestations of mercenaries and mercenary-related activities
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Private military and security companies: training and equipment
Submission to the UN IGWG on private military and security companies
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A review of less lethal weapons manufacturers, trade and misuse
A paper examining the human rights and trade control implication of less lethal weapons
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Contemporary development, promotion and use of remote control chemical irritant delivery mechanisms:
Paper examining the challenges of effective state control of the trade in chemical irritants
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Action needed now on “remote control” tear gas delivery systems
Omega urges the Chemical Weapons Convention States Parties to address development, proliferation and potential misuse of “wide area” and “remote control” riot control agent (RCA) delivery systems
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Monitoring Weapons and Restraints in Places of Detention: A Practical Guide.
A Practical Guide and Pocket Book for Detention Monitors, Torture Prevention Bodies and other interested parties to assist in monitoring weapons and restraints in places of detention.
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Preventing the Trade in Tools of Torture and Execution
Visualisation setting out how trade controls form an important element in the fight against torture and can help states comply with human rights obligations, including the Nelson Mandela Rules
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Omega submission to the Special Rapporteur on Torture
Submission for Thematic Report on the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:Reaffirming and Strengthening the Prohibition of Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
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Joint Briefing: Tackling the Trade in Tools of Torture and Execution Technologies
Joint briefing paper by Omega and Amnesty International on equipment currently being manufactured, promoted, exported and misused that urgently needs to be banned or more robustly regulated.
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UN: Time to rein in the global trade in tools of torture
Panel event organised by Omega and Amnesty International at the Human Rights Council on 3rd March 2017 urging governments to close loopholes in international trade law that allow the trade in equipment used to torture detainees. The original presentations are included.
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Impact of Arms Transfers on Human Rights
Response to OHCHR questionnaire to inform the report on the impact of arms transfers on human rights
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Time to end police misuse of tear gas. November 2016.
Omega urges the Chemical Weapons Convention States Parties to address misuse of riot control agents in law enforcement
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Combating torture and other ill-treatment: A manual for action. November 2016
This manual describes in detail the prohibition of torture and other ill-treatment in international law, and outlines the safeguards provided by international law and standards against torture and other ill-treatment.
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Tear Gassing by Remote Control. December 2015.
This report, concerned with breaches of the CWC, was produced jointly by Bradford Non-Lethal Weapons Research Project and Omega for the Remote Control Project.
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Regulation of agent delivery mechanisms under the CWC. April 2013.
"Regulation of “wide area” riot control agent delivery mechanisms under the CWC" is part of an on-going project with Bradford Non-Lethal Weapons Research Project.
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The need to include ammunition in the ATT. March 2013.
This joint PRIO-Omega, argues that ammunition offers specific opportunities to meet the Treaty's principles, goals and objectives, particularly in terms of preventing atrocities.
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Standards for appropriate selection and use. June 2012.
Slide presentation on standards for appropriate selection and use of less lethal technologies, giving an overview of the “use of force” project and its focus.
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Christof Heyns on the use of lethal force during arrest. November 2011.
Briefing on the forthcoming (2011) report from the Special Rapporteur of the Human Rights Council on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions into the use of lethal force during arrest.
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Police use of force and less lethal weaponry. October 2011.
Omega Research Foundation briefing for the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, as part of a European Commission funded 'use of force' project.
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Arms for Internal Security: Will they be covered by an Arms Trade Treaty? June 2011.
An Amnesty International report looking at proposals to extend the scope of the Arms Trade Treaty.
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Less Lethal Systems and the Appropriate use of Force. March 2011.
The paper argues that the use of less lethal systems, in comparison with lethal weapons, has not been well regulated and monitored, concluding with proposals.
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Dangerous Ambiguities. October 2009.
Regulation of Riot Control Agents and Incapacitants Under the Chemical Weapons Convention
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The Arms trade Treaty and Military Equipment: The Case for A Comprhensive Scope. July 2009
A review of the proposed scope of the Arms Trade Treaty as of July 2009.
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Blood at the Crossroads. September 2008
An Amnesty International report making the case for a global arms trade treaty. AI Index: ACT 30/015/2008
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Globalised trade needs global controls. Oct 2006.
Control Arms argues that changing patterns of ownership and production makes national regulations insufficient in preventing arms from reaching the wrong hands.
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The Pain Merchants. December 2003.
This report shows why the manufacture, use and transfer of security and police technologies needs to be strictly regulated by governments using common criteria.
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