Wall Cuff

Technical Info:
A single cuff that be anchored to a wall or other fixed object.
Less common, but also available, is a double wall cuff (see below)

Use of such items can be considered inhuman & degrading treatment.
Can help facilitate torture or other ill-treatment.
The Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) noted in its report to the government of the Slovak Republic in 2009, that “the practice of handcuffing detained persons to wall fixtures or like objects is a matter of longstanding concern for the CPT … the CPT once again has to call upon … authorities to remove without delay such fixtures from all police stations and, more generally, to take effective measures to stamp out the practice of having persons held by the police attached to fixed objects.”
No legitimate law enforcement use that cannot be effectively accomplished with safer alternatives therefore their use in law enforcement should be prohibted as should the corresponding production and transfer.

Associated Images:
أصفاد مثبتة بالجدار (لتثبيت المعتقل إلى الجدار)
Menottes à fixation murale
Наручники однозвенные со стационарным креплением к стене
Esposa de sujeción a la pared