Telescopic Baton

Technical Info:
Extendable baton – usually extends to 2 or 3 times retracted length.
Typically made of aluminium.
The impact can feel like a whip.

A worn end piece can lead to lacerations.
Over-arm strikes and strikes to the head and other sensitive areas increase the risk of serious injury.
Strictly control the use of hand-held kinetic impact striking weapons and regulate the development and transfer of such weapons.

Associated Images:
هراوة تيلسكوبية (قابلة للطي ولإغلاقها من خلال دفع الأجزاء القابلة للامتداد لتتداحل مع بعضها البعض عند الضغط عليها)
Matraque télescopique
Телескопическая дубинка
Porra telescópica