Stun Gun: Straight

Technical Info:
2 metal electrodes (sometimes 4).
Some can spray chemical irritants.
There are many different designs / sizes / shapes available.

Open to misuse through sustained use / multiple shocks / shocks in inappropriate areas of the body and as a punishment on prisoner.
Designed to cause compliance through pain not incapacitation. Its use does not meet a legitimate law enforcement objective that cannot be effectively accomplished with safer alternatives therefore their use should be prohibted as should their production and transfer.

Associated Images:
بندقية صعق: ذات سبطانة مستقيمة
Pistolet incapacitant droit / Matraque électrique droit / Arme de defense électrique droit
Электрошоковый пистолет с прямым корпусом
Pistola paralizante: recta / Arma de electrochoque: recta