Stun Baton

Technical Info:
Usually have 2 or 4 electrodes on the tip
Some have electrode strips of metal along the length of the baton. Some have a spiral of metal around the baton along the length. Some only have electrodes on the tip.
Can look identical to “normal” batons i.e. non-stun batons except for a switch and small electrodes on the tip.

Open to misuse through sustained use / multiple shocks / shocks in inappropriate areas of the body and as a punishment on prisoners.
Designed to cause compliance through pain not incapacitation. Its use does not meet a legitimate law enforcement objective that cannot be effectively accomplished with safer alternatives therefore their use should be prohibted as should their production and transfer.

Associated Images:
هراوة صعق كهربائي (هراوة صاعقة)
Matraque incapacitante
Электрошоковая дубинка
Porra eléctrica / Porra de descarga eléctrica