Specially designed less-lethal launcher: Pistol

Technical Info:
CO2 powered.
Fires pepper balls, rubber balls, training balls and rechargeable electric bullets which administer an electric shock.

Can be inaccurate and affected by weather conditions – this increases the risk of head / upper body injury.
If fired at close-range can cause severe injury / death
Projectiles could penetrate the skin causing injury.

Associated Images:
مسدس مشط مصمم خصيصاً لقذف أو إطلاق مقذوفات أقل تهديداً للحياة
Lanceurs spéciaux à létalité réduite : Pistolet
Специальное пусковое устройство сниженного летального действия типа пистолета
Lanzadores no letales de diseño especial: pistola