Single Shot Grenade Launcher – short barrelled

Technical Info:
Short barrel. Single shot. Retractable buttstock.
Usually fires 40mm grenades.
Can have a detachable rail to allow further fitting of sights / lights / foregrips, and other accessories.

Indiscriminate. Can be inaccurate and affected by weather conditions – this increases the risk of head / upper body injury.

If fired at close-range can cause severe injury / death.

Associated Images:
قاذفة رمانات (قنابل) يدوية ذات ماسورة (سبطانة) قصيرة بطلقة واحدة
单管榴弹发射器 — 短管式
Lance-grenades à un coup – à canon court / Lanceur – à canon court
Однозарядный короткоствольный гранатомёт
Lanzagranadas de un solo disparo – cañón corto