Single Shot Grenade Launcher – modified signal pistol

Technical Info:
1970's UK-style rubber bullet grenade launcher – now obsolete however visually similar pieces of equipment have been photographed recently in the Middle East (2011).
Modified signal pistol.
Fired ammunition such as the rubber “bullet” below.

Notoriously inaccurate.
Affected by weather conditions – this increases the risk of head / upper body injury.
If fired at close-range can cause severe injury / death.

Associated Images:
قاذفة رمانات (قنابل) يدوية ، بطلقة واحدة – مسدس مشط معدل لإطلاق الشارة النارية (مسدس للإنارة أو السهم الناري)
单管榴弹发射器 — 信号枪改装式
Lance-grenades à un coup – pistolet d'alarme modifié
Однозарядный гранатомёт (модификация сигнального пистолета)
Lanzagranadas de un solo disparo – pistola de señales modificada