Rubber Round (UK-style 1970s)

Technical Info:
Fired from a modified signal pistol.
This was notoriously inaccurate.
This item is now obsolete however visually similar pieces of equipment have been photographed recently (2011).

Risk of injury or death if fired at close-range or aimed at sensitive parts of the body.

Associated Images:
رصاص مطاطي (طراز من صنع المملكة المتحدة في السبعينيات)
Munitions en caoutchouc [du type utilisé au Royaume-Uni dans les années 1970]
Резиновая пуля (Великобритания – образца 1970-х)
Munición de goma [del tipo de la utilizada en el Reino Unido en la década de 1970]