Restraint Bed / Board

Technical Info:
Can include a number of different restraint points. Most common 8 points of restraint (a combination of which can be used at any one time) includes: 2x ankle, 2x wrist, 2x shoulder, 1x waist, and 1x chest.

Danger occurs when the subject is left unattended, restrained for prolonged periods, or when additional force is used such as the use of electric shock equipment or chemical irritants. Additional danger occurs if the subject is restrained whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Can (but shouldn’t) be used as a punishment.
No legitimate law enforcement use that cannot be effectively accomplished with safer alternatives therefore their use in law enforcement should be prohibted as should the corresponding production and transfer.

Associated Images:
لوح/ سرير تقيي
Lit / Table avec entraves
Смирительная кровать/доска
Camas / planchas de inmovilización