Projectile Stun Device (wireless - Taser / 40mm Grenade)

Technical Info:
A long range kinetic impact / projectile stun weapon fired from a standard 40mm grenade launcher. The round breaks apart on impact administering an electric shock resulting in severe pain and collapse. At the time of writing (2011), this product was still in development.

Administers a very long shock (up to 20 seconds continuous) once the grenade has left the launcher, the firer has no control over the projectile / length of shock.
Inaccurate and affected by weather conditions – increased risk of head / upper body injury from kinetic energy impact. Lack of testing.
Darts can cause injury to skin and (less often) bone and may need medical attention to remove.
Its use does not meet a legitimate law enforcement objective that cannot be effectively accomplished with safer alternatives therefore their use should be prohibted.

Associated Images:
أداة صعق مزودة بمقذوفات غير مرتبطة بسلك (مع الأداة)
Dispositif tirant des projectiles incapacitants (sans fil)
Беспроводной электрошокер
Dispositivo de proyectiles paralizantes (sin cable)