Projectile Stun Device (Taser / X26)

Technical Info:
A small pistol-shaped weapon which holds a cartridge which fires two darts attached to wires up to 35 feet / 10 metres and delivers an electric shock to the target causing severe pain and collapse.
Can also be used as a stun gun in direct contact (“drive stun” mode).

When used as projectile stun devices they are inherently open to abuse as they are easy to carry and easy to use and they can inflict severe pain at the push of a button without leaving substantial marks.
They have a high physical impact and cause extreme pain, and should never be used as a general force tool.
Their use should be limited to situations where they can be effectively used to avoid the resort to lethal force or firearms.
Use in “drive stun” mode as a direct contact electric shock stun gun poses a substantial risk of torture or other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment, and therefore should be expressly forbidden. Only those weapons that record every mode of use should be permitted.

Associated Images:
أداة صعق مزودة بمقذوفات
Dispositif tirant des projectiles incapacitants
Дистанционное электрошоковое устройство
Dispositivo de proyectiles paralizantes