Projectile Stun Device (Shockwave (Area Denial System))

Technical Info:
A complex system which fires Taser cartridges controlled via a wire from a distance.
Cartridges can be stacked 3 high and in an almost endless number wide.
Can be fitted at entrances as a permanent fixture.

Indiscriminate / inaccurate – multiple cartridges / barbs may impact one individual – there can be no discriminate targeting with the weapon.
Darts can cause injury to skin and (less often) bone and may need medical attention to remove
Its use does not meet a legitimate law enforcement objective that cannot be effectively accomplished with safer alternatives therefore their use should be prohibted.

Associated Images:
أداة صعق مزودة بمقذوفات
Dispositif tirant des projectiles incapacitants
Дистанционное электрошоковое устройство
Dispositivo de proyectiles paralizantes