Projectile for Pepperball / Paintball style weapons

Technical Info:
Small plastic sphere which, on impact, splits to release contents.
Can contain a number of different irritants / compounds such as: hot PAVA powder, marking projectiles, water-filled projectiles, and scented powder (for training). Also available as a glass breaking solid nylon projectile.

Increased risk of injury if fired at close-range or aimed at sensitive parts of the body.
Increases the risk of a panic-driven stampede.

Associated Images:
المقذوفة المستعملة في أسلحة من طرازيشبه تلك المستحدمة في إطلاق البيبربول/ كرات الدهان أو الأصباغ
Projectiles pour armes de type Pepperball / Paintball
Заряды для баллончиков с перцовым газом/шарики с маркирующим красителем для пейнтбольного оружия
Proyectil para armas tipo Pepperball / Paintball