Optical Weapons: Long- Range Laser Dazzler

Technical Info:
Designed to cause temporary loss of vision. Blinding weapons are illegal under Protocol IV of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons. Some products can “dazzle” suspects from up to 1000m in daylight and up to 3000m at night.
Can be rifle-shaped with bipods and picatinny rail, as a baton, or designed to be attached as accessories to small arms or light weapons

May cause permanent loss or damage to vision, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, headaches. Lack of testing / lack of reporting on testing, to date (2011).

Associated Images:
لأسلحة البصرية: جهاز الإبهار طويل المدى الذي يعمل بالليزر
Armes optiques: Éblouissement par laser longue portée
Оптическое оружие: дальнодействующее лазерное устройство ослепляющего действия («Даззлер»)
Armas ópticas: láser de deslumbramiento de largo alcance