Handcuffs: 3-way

Technical Info:
3 cuffs all attached to the same small ring.
Allows subject to be cuffed to a fixed object or cuffed closely to multiple subjects.
A ratchet allows for use on a range of wrist sizes.

Risk of misuse during detention / torture & “stress positions”.
Can be easily over-tightened to cause pain, discomfort and permanent injury.
Prolonged use of cuffs can lead to lacerations leading to blood poisoning leading to long term physical impairments, amongst other ills.

No legitimate law enforcement use that canno tbe effectively accomplished with safer alternatives therefore their use in law enforcement should be prohibted as should the corresponding production and transfer.

Associated Images:
أصفاد يدوية ثلاثية القيد/ مزودة بثلاثة قيود (تصلح لتكبيل ثلاثة أيدي)
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Тройные наручники
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