Dye / Paint Marking Rounds

Technical Info:
Leaves a coloured or UV mark on impact for later identification of subjects. Can be combined with a chemical irritant such as OC powder.
Comes in a range of calibres including 37/38 and 40mm, and 44mm .
Less common but also available: dye marking mine, 9mm pistol ammunition, and specialised “Pepperball-style” projectiles.
Most common varieties are usually fired from a shotgun or various types of grenade launcher.

Increased risk of injury if fired at close-range or aimed at sensitive parts of the body.

Associated Images:
(رصاص) لوضع علامة باستخدام الصبغ أو الدهان
Munitions pour marquage avec de la teinture / peinture
Пирожидкостные окрашивающие патроны «маркер»
Munición para marcado con pintura / tinta