Capture Pole / Grabber / Stick

Technical Info:
Metal extendible pole with half-moon / semi-circle end designed to trap a subject. The item pictured is large enough to encircle the waist of a subject. Others have smaller “grabbers” on the ends designed to grip wrists and ankles.
Some incorporate an electric shock element.
Some have “anti-grabbing” spikes

Risk of lacerations / skin penetration – especially where “anti-grabbing” spikes are present.

Associated Images:
وتد (قد يكون في طرفه أنشوطة) للقبض على الشخص /خُطّاف/ كُلاّب
Perche / gaule / bâton de capture
Средства ограничения движения: шест/черпак/палка
Palo / vara / dispositivo de agarre para captura