Body Worn Electric shock

Technical Info:
A remote controlled device with capabilities to deliver electric shocks.
Designed to be worn around the waist, arm, leg or ankle.
Remote control activation varies between models but can be up to 100m / 328 feet.

Physical /medical effects can include: burns, puncture wounds, scars/welts. In addition to causing pain, some types of electric shock equipment uses high voltage-low amperage electrical signals which, when administered, cause the subject to lose neuromuscular control including loss of bladder and bowel control when devices are placed around the waist. Muscles contract involuntarily, rendering the subject immobile. In some circumstances an individual subjected to an electric shock from such equipment may fall. This can lead to secondary injuries such as cuts, bruises, broken bones, concussion etc.
Therefore the use of all body worn electric shock equipment in law enforcement should be prohibited as should the the production and sale of such devices

Associated Images:
أداة الصعق الكهربائي التي توضع حول الجسم
Dispositif corporel à électrochoc
Переносной электрошокер
Dispositivo corporal de electrochoque