Blindfolds / Hoods

Technical Info:
Material used to cover the eyes, sometimes the entire face, designed to eliminate all vision. Can deny all sensory stimuli. Sometimes especially made items are used, other times old sacks or cloth is used.

Excessive use can lead to disorientation and undue stress.
Risk of suffocation / strangulation with use of hood.
In a report to the Spanish Government in 2007, the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) outline their concerns about the use of blindfolds. :

“The CPT has strong objections to law enforcement officials blindfolding or hooding apprehended persons. In the Committee’s experience, the purpose of such a practice is most often to prevent such persons from being able to identify law enforcement officials who inflict ill-treatment upon them. Even in cases when no physical ill-treatment occurs, to blindfold a person in custody - and in particular someone undergoing questioning or being transported from one place to another - is a form of oppressive conduct, the effect of which on the person concerned will frequently amount to psychological ill-treatment.”

No legitimate law enforcement use that cannot be effectively accomplished with safer alternatives therefore their use in law enforcement should be prohibted as should the corresponding production and transfer.

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