Bean Bag Round

Technical Info:
A small fabric bag filled with a heavy material (such as lead shot).
Designed to open up in flight and impact over a greater surface area.
Can be either 12 gauge or 37/38 / 40mm and fired from a shotgun or grenade launcher.

Increased risk of injury if fired at close-range or aimed at sensitive parts of the body – danger / risk of the fabric bursting and the lead shot penetrating the body.

Associated Images:
طلقة (رصاص) مكونة من كيس قماشي صغير يحتوي مجموعة من الكريات أو الحبيبات الصغيرة (الخردق)
Munitions bean bag (petits sachets remplis de plombs)
Дробовой боеприпас (тканевые мешочки со свинцовой дробью- «мешочки с бобами»)
Municiones tipo beanbag