37/38 – 40mm Cartridge

Technical Info:
37/38 – 40mm in calibre.

Fired from a grenade launcher.

Can contain: CN, CR, CS, OC/Pepper, PAVA or a mix thereof.
Can also contain dye / paint for marking targets.
rritants are dispersed as powder, liquid or smoke (pyrotechnic).

Can cause serious injury or death through suffocation, allergic reaction, and chemical burn.
Increased risk of injury if fired directly at person at close-range or aimed at sensitive parts of the body.
Increases the risk of a panic-driven stampede especially in a crowd situation. Should not be used in confined spaces or places with no safe escape route.

Associated Images:
خرطوشة (مشط) للذخيرة (عيار 37/38-40 ملم)
37/38 – 40毫米枪弹
Cartouches de 37/38 – 40 mm
Патрон 37/38-40-мм калибра
Cartucho 37/38 – 40mm