“Drag Stabilised” Round

Technical Info:
A fabric construction with a small “head” filled with lead shot.
Has either 1 or a number of fabric tails.
Can be either 12 gauge or 37/38mm or 40mm and fired from a shotgun or grenade launcher.

Generally inaccurate at longer ranges.
Increased risk of injury if fired at close-range or aimed at sensitive parts of the body – danger / risk of the fabric bursting and the lead shot penetrating the body.

Associated Images:
الرصاص المزود بقطع قماش متينة تتدلى ورائه أثناء التحليق لغايات حفظ التوازن
Munitions stabilisées
Патрон со стабилизирующим оперением
Munición de tela para impacto externo